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by rantywoman

As testament to my hunger to find at least one intriguing figure from my past who has remained both vital and childless, I spent a good chunk of my day googling the filmmaker I admired so many years ago (two decades, in fact, but who’s counting?).

The thing that has cheered me the most is that not only did she move to a major, global city (albeit on the opposite coast) at the same late age I made that leap, but she didn’t begin co-producing films until her early forties, and she didn’t put out films she’d directed herself (not one, but two thus far) until her mid-forties.  She has received a fair amount of press and acclaim for both.

I loved discovering that her two decades in media and the arts didn’t begin to coalesce into her own major projects until she was in her forties.  It appears, in fact, that she is just getting going.

Perhaps my fear that there’s nothing up ahead is a tad premature.