by rantywoman

My former city is a hipster town, and when I look at some of my hipster friends’ Facebook pages (and their friends, as all the moms seem to have connected with each other) and see the photos of their kids, I get a little depressed.  Perhaps I want to believe that hipsters stay young forever, never becoming adults and starting families, or perhaps it’s because, for all their tattoos and piercings and quirky glasses, they end up living fairly conventional lives.

I get it though.  Most of them are not particularly career oriented, instead working in bookstores or as yoga teachers or as teacher’s assistants.  Their passions tend toward extracurricular activities such as following (or being in) a band, or writing a novel, or moonlighting as a DJ.  At some point, they probably glance around the bar and realize they are the oldest person there, or they accept that their creative dreams are not going to pan out, and they look to getting married and having kids as the next logical project.

I wish I had more examples (I do have a small number) of alternative people truly going on to live alternative lives, ones outside of the family structure.  Hipsters who remained focused on creative projects or alternative ways of living.

I’m reminded of how so many of the quirky couples I know have named their daughters Ava– don’t they know Ava is the new Jennifer?   I guess I want them to show a little more originality to match their eyeware.