the joneses

by rantywoman

I was talking to a woman I know in Los Angeles today and she told me that her family spends 60k a year sending their two children to private schools.

Holy moly.  I can’t even imagine.

Apparently, a lot of people spend that kind of money, although of course there is more to the story than meets the eye:

Family Money

Although many of her friends are quite successful, after talking to them in depth, Kim realized a large percentage of them were actually being supplemented by their families in some way. Either grandparents were helping with tuition, or they had trust funds or some other form of family money to help pay for private school. And to be honest, when she thought about it, Kim herself wasn’t really sure what had gone on in her household growing up—money was rarely discussed. For all she knew her grandparents had been helping out with her tuition, too, but the subject just never came up.

I suppose that is one rat race I’m glad I’m not running.  I felt the same reading Sandra Tsing Loh’s book on the subject: