by rantywoman

I used to look forward to the day when I could finally post photos of a boyfriend on Facebook, or an engagement, or a baby announcement.  Having witnessed the overwhelming “congratulations” for those pieces of news as opposed to any other type of status updates, my feelings have changed.  If any of those things were to happen to me now (and by the time they do, if they do, I predict Facebook will be long over), I don’t know if I would post about them.  I think I would be very, very, very discrete.  The joy of it all has been sapped for me, as I know how it feels to have other accomplishments ignored in the face of the marriage/babies stampede of encouragement.

Great post on this today:

I got to feel what it’s like for people to be genuinely excited about something you’ve done, and be really, really happy for you. It felt…amazing! For a couple of seconds. Until I remembered this was all based on a misunderstanding. But I was really struck by how it gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that people would be so over the moon if we had a kid. I know it’s downright silly, but hey – we can’t always control our feelings.

I also know that getting pregnant isn’t the only thing you can do where people will express their congratulations and excitement. But it sure does seem to be the one thing that generates the MOST excitement and the MOST accolades. I feel like if I ever finish my book (which I think may actually wind up being more painful than labor) and sold it to some fabulous publisher, that status update wouldn’t garner even half the likes of one saying “I’m pregnant!”, despite the fact that anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been writing for years and would die of happiness if I ever published a book.