the peak

by rantywoman

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that the ideal age for me to have gotten married was 32.  Lo and behold, Good Morning America came to the same conclusion.  I disagree that it would be too difficult for me to compromise now, and in fact, I’d still make a good partner for the right person, but the past ten years would have been much easier if I’d found him back then.

The thing was, after 30 I found dating to be quite difficult.  The men who were still single, by and large, wanted to stay that way or were starting to pursue younger women.  I remember feeling frustrated at how ready I felt but how limited my options were (lots of dates but few keepers).  I would also agree about the sexual peak:

 In 2000, Good Morning America did a segment on the ideal time to get married.  It seems for women to be age 32, which is also the year she hits her sexual peak.  The philosophy behind this stated that at 32, a woman has finally come into her own, confident in who she is and makes choices based upon fact rather than fantasy.


At 32 she is still open to new ideas, but steadfast enough that she is not easily fooled or manipulated.  The segment went on to explain that after 35 it is very difficult for a man or woman to marry because by that point, both are so set in their ways, compromise, an essential element to successful cohabitation is difficult to achieve.