the edge

by rantywoman

I’ve never been on the bleeding edge of social, cultural, or technological trends and am probably several steps behind the cutting edge.  I do, however, try to keep up, and I know women I consider “lost”– women who have been flummoxed emotionally and psychologically by the massive changes in the social, cultural, and occupational landscapes– and I wonder if that doesn’t describe the majority of women.

This includes women who are exiting long marriages that began before internet dating even existed.   Or women who have been out of the workforce long enough to imagine that, say, a public school teaching career is all “warm fuzzies.”  Women who think that having a certain religious, ethnic, racial, or educational affiliation guarantees some kind of shelter by that group and preferential treatment by men who are members.  Women who believe in an old-fashioned kind of friendship between women– front porch visits and thank you cards- but also women who believe in feminist solidarity.

All of those suppositions have been upended in the past few decades, and I definitely see women struggling to keep up.