old news

by rantywoman

Seven years have passed since this story, but yes, back then, I remember feeling genuinely taken aback at Kathy Griffin’s divorce:


I thought of it today because once in a while a vision of Griffin saying men are “tough” pops  into my head:


KING: Have you dated again?

GRIFFIN: No, I don’t want to — I don’t care about that yet.

KING: Come on, you should be ready.


KING: You should be ready to date, two and a half months.

GRIFFIN: Oh! Have you met men, they’re awful, Larry. Yes, I’m looking right at you. 

KING: Men are awful?

GRIFFIN: They’re tough. Oh, if only I could just be a lesbian, oh it would solve everything.

KING: You’d rather be a lesbian?

GRIFFIN: Yes, although I don’t know. I don’t want to find a lesbian that breaks my heart either.