by rantywoman

A friend of mine who works full-time, makes a modest income, doesn’t live near any family, and is without a partner went to a sperm bank a few years ago and got pregnant on her first try.  She’s gay so perhaps she is not hung up on the nuclear family concept, but considering her paltry savings account, I couldn’t decide if she was brave or foolish.  She went on to have a beautiful healthy baby, and motherhood seems to suit her.

She called the other day to complain about her job and another failed relationship.  She then mentioned that she had gone back to the sperm bank and gotten pregnant again.

It’s funny how differently people respond to situations.  The last thing I would want to do in her situation is have another child, as I would feel that would just chain me to my unhappy circumstances, while she obviously feels that a baby adds light and love to an otherwise dreary position.

She is still unusual in my world, however, as the other women I know got a partner in place before a child.