by rantywoman

In the book Southern California: An Island on the Land, the author Carey McWilliams explains that houses in Los Angeles were often shoddily built because people didn’t know if they would be staying long.  They wanted to “try out” living in Southern California but were unsure whether they would become permanent residents.

I found my apartment in a hurry and took the place because the rent was low.  I didn’t think I would be here more than a few years;  I figured I would either get into a relationship and move in with someone or would move back to my former city in a few years.  I transported my hodge podge of furnishings from my former residence out here and decorated the new place halfheartedly.  I haven’t bothered to change the carpet or blinds, although they need it, because I think of the place as temporary.

Well, temporary is dragging on so that it’s no longer temporary.  In another year I will need to decide if I’m moving back, and if not, I should think about getting a nicer place.  Finding a nicer place here means staying longer, though, and I’m still unsure about that.  Betwixt and between, once again.

The book: