by rantywoman

This past month a former intern of mine, a woman in her early twenties, announced her pregnancy on Facebook.  No big surprise, although she had been in the midst of a professional job search.  Perhaps she figured she might as well get pregnant since she hadn’t found a job.

At the same time, an acquaintance of mine from my years spent living abroad, a woman just past forty, announced her pregnancy, also via Facebook.  That one was harder for me.  She was one of the last of that group to remain childless.

As I’ve written before, I’ve lived several lives and have been part of multiple communities, from high school to college to grad school to living abroad to dance to theater to all my various jobs in various cities.  It seems that almost all the people I have known from those diverse phases have gone on to marry and have children, leaving me feeling a bit alienated from each community I’ve participated in.  Sometimes I feel painted into the loneliest corner on earth.

I finally got around to creating “categories” on this blog (see bottom of page) and have been slowly slogging through over 300 entries this week, categorizing them.  I’ve barely made a dent, but going back and starting at the beginning of the blog has been enlightening.  I definitely feel that I’ve gotten to a better place as this year has moved along, but those late-in-life pregnancy announcements still have a way of dragging me back.