faded love

by rantywoman

On a podcast I once heard a man mention the excitement of becoming a father, and the other comic, a successful man with a seemingly good marriage and happy family, said, “Yeah but it fades.”  It was a tossaway comment made without further elaboration, but I honed in on it immediately.

Does the excitement of parenthood fade?  We hear a lot about “empty nest syndrome,” so maybe for some people it doesn’t, or it does but the parents still don’t know what to do with themselves once the kids are gone.

I would assume that due to familiarity alone, over the years children could lose their sheen.   We’ve certainly seen pets become neglected once a baby arrives, and we hear over and over again that marriage easily becomes stale.  I’m sure it’s taboo, though, to say that parenting itself could become stale.

Also, ideally, people have children when they are in a solid partnership and in good financial straits, or at the very least, interested in experiencing parenthood.  If those circumstances change due to divorce, financial hardship, or new interests, do parents get tired of parenting?  I fear that could be the case, and that fear was another thing that made me cautious about becoming a mother.