remembrance of statements past

by rantywoman

A few vivid memories that I feel are undeserving of individual posts but that have stuck with me all these years:

1.  My college roommate telling me that she couldn’t envision me as a wife and mother.  That stunned me, as I loved kids and had been babysitting for years.  Still don’t know what she meant by that or if she herself has had children.

2.  In my late twenties, while I was in another transition, I told a male friend that I wished I could get married and have kids.  His reply was, “I can’t believe you want to be a hausfrau.”  I was taken aback by his sneering disapproval.

3.  A well-educated and quite independent friend in her late thirties telling me she had met a single fortysomething woman who was involved in numerous groups and athletic clubs and that she didn’t “want to end up like her.”  Her statement surprised me into silence.