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A psychological take on the film Young Adult here:

It’s a credit to the film that a definitive analysis is impossible.  I don’t completely agree with the borderline personality hypothesis, but personality disorders are tricky concepts.  I will say that the writer’s line about “social support seems like a distant memory” could apply to the lives of many women who are single and childless past a certain age and has little to do with their mental health.  I also feel like this line is unhelpful to singles:  Consequently, they pursue core emotional needs in unskillful ways while healthier, more adaptive personality structures move through life engaged in more ‘advanced’ psychological endeavors like building long-term marriages and conducting philanthropy.

I also liked this reader comment:

Is it really BPD?

Submitted by Anonymous on March 13, 2012 – 11:26am.

I am wondering if there is too little emphasis put on the fact that Mavis experienced a miscarriage while in a relationship with Buddy. In addition, we hear about the fact that she was recently divorced and had no children with her ex-husband. In the “rejection scene”, which is at Buddy and Beth’s baby naming party, not Beth’s birthday party, Mavis makes the point that if her “parts” would have worked correctly, she would be having that party. Perhaps she is not able to concieve? I can imagine how that could have possibly led to her divorce; add to that alcohol abuse as a way of coping, the canceling of her book series and the baby announcement from Buddy, and to me it seems that Mavis is in a deep depression. I don’t understand why her main problem would be considered BPD, especially since we don’t know much about her younger years other than through the eyes of Matt. If anyone could shed some light on this for me I would greatly appreciate it!