meeting needs

by rantywoman

Yesterday I was thinking about how difficult it can be to get basic needs met in our society and how the marketplace rushes into the vacuum, dangling carrots so as to make money off our confusion.

Take finding a job.  If you don’t have connections, you are at the mercy of methods that may or may not result in any kind of success and are sometimes money or time sucking scams.  Job boards on the internet, Craigslist, the want ads in newspapers, career counselors, job fairs, job placement agencies… all in the service of finding people jobs, but how often do they work?  I’ve been down those roads and after much trial and effort and time and money finally ended up with some temp jobs that eventually led to (low-paying) job offers, which is why I go back time and time again to the profession I am credentialed in.

I feel like it’s the same thing with intimacy needs.  Matchmakers, dating agencies, Meetup, singles events, online dating sites, dances, singles vacations… yes, you might get lucky, but considering those entities exist to bring people together, “you might get lucky” is not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Despite all this, I am going on another date from online today and hoping for the best.  If anything, he has thus far shown good manners.