by rantywoman

In my review of the movie Young Adult, I wrote:

I heard one male reviewer discuss the film with a female reviewer, and in his opinion, Mavis had a chance to change, failed to take it, and was doomed to a downward spiral.  I am guessing that he believes she needed to change to be more like the people living in her hometown.  The female reviewer had the opposite reaction, seeing in the final scene confirmation that Mavis did indeed have a lot to be proud of and that she just needed to see it.  From interviews I’ve read, I believe director Jason Reitman agrees with the male reviewer, but I fall somewhere in the middle, and I would bet so does Diablo Cody, the writer (also unmarried and childless). 

I was wrong.  Diablo Cody is married (for the second time) and has a son.  Whether that changes where she falls on the ending, I can’t say.