song break

by rantywoman

I recently saw a show in which a comedic female musical duo (Garfunkel and Oates) performed a number like this: one of them played a woman at 29  and the other one the same woman at 31 (unfortunately I can’t provide a link to the performance).  At 29, the woman sang of finally coming into her own and being able to meet men on equal terms.  She felt she was no longer worried about meeting someone, that she had plenty of time, and that everything would work out in the end.  She was finally enjoying dating for its own sake.  At 31, essentially, she had one refrain– there’s no one left!  And the men want to date younger, and she never gets invited to dinner parties anymore.  She had blown it and her younger self was both dumb and smug.

Well, that cut close, despite the humor.  I do feel like I was at a real peak in my early thirties (on every level) and that I was a much better relationship candidate than in my twenties, but yes, I did feel frustrated that by then it felt as if there was no one left.