more running around

by rantywoman

Last weekend I went on two dates, met a friend for lunch, visited a museum, tried a new athletic group, went to a theater show, drove across town for a swim, did some yoga and pilates, and got my taxes done.  Phew.

The second date I went on last weekend was just okay.  Nice guy but it felt like work.  He asked me out again over email, and I hesitated.  The old me would have definitely said yes, thinking you can’t judge chemistry after just one date.  The new me, the one with a health issue and incredibly stressful job, takes my physical and emotional energy reserves into account.  Just the thought of trying to schedule in another date with him was overwhelming.  I said thanks but no thanks.

More running around this weekend.  A simple coffee date today with the dude from five years ago; I’m assuming my feelings won’t have changed.  A friend date last night with an incredibly decent gentleman who just wasn’t the right fit for me romantically.  It’s hard to schedule him in but I’m so appreciative of his basic decency that I make the effort.  An art event tonight.  A show tomorrow night.  Some exercise.

My pile of books will gather more dust.  Sigh.

A former frenemy is throwing a party tonight for her new life with a new boyfriend and a new pad.  Haven’t heard from her since this new life began.  She didn’t come to my theatrical production.  I don’t want to go tonight.  There’s a part of me that fills  guilty about turning my back on her newfound happiness, but she has all but disappeared on me and was not the greatest friend in the first place.  I think that will be the one activity I will pass on.