getting out there

by rantywoman

The only reason I’m able to do so much running around this weekend is because I have three days off for President’s Day.  Otherwise there is no way I’d have the time and energy.

I had the date Friday night (half hour drive each way), and then yesterday I drove an hour in heavy traffic (why there’s so much traffic on Saturdays is beyond me) on two freeways to check out a social athletic group.  Much like meetup, this group gets together all over the city, so lots of driving and “searching” is involved.  The athletic part was much more challenging than I expected– I’d guess about six miles over lots of hills.  Add in the socializing afterwards, and the whole thing took about five hours out of my day (and I left early!).  I had to drive another half-hour to get to a show that night, so I’m quite tired today.  More driving and another date today.

The athletic group wasn’t really my scene and made me realize why I’ve settled into the comfortable niche I’ve found on the fringes of a particular subgroup of performers who share my sensibility.  I was annoyed yesterday that I spent such a big chunk of my weekend checking them out, but I’m pretty happy today that I got out of my rut and experienced something new.