literary mover

by rantywoman

In the book “A Jest of God,” later made into the film “Rachel, Rachel,” the thirty-four-year-old narrator, a never-married schoolteacher in her “last ascendant year,” finally decides to move away from her small hometown.  I’ve lived a far more adventurous life than her character, who is situated in a different place and time period altogether, but I love this beautiful passage, as she pulls away from home on the bus:

Where I’m going, anything may happen.  Nothing may happen.  Maybe I will marry a middle-aged widower, or a longshoreman, or a cattle-hoof-trimmer, or a barrister or a thief.  And have my children in time.  Or maybe not.  Most of the chances are against it.  But not, I think, quite all.  What will happen?  What will happen.  It may be that my children will always be temporary, never to be held.  But so are everyone’s.