hold the advice

by rantywoman

Some nice posts on how annoying most of the advice given to single people can be:


I particularly like #2 in the Glamour post:

2) What’s Said: WEAR MORE MAKEUP.
What’s Heard: More than implying that the search for Mr. Right is as easy as brushing a spot of color onto the cheeks, this comment offends further by actually attacking a person’s core identity. “A woman presents herself according to what she defines as meaningful. Whether her style is glamorous belle or au naturelle, every woman should be allowed to be herself. There’s a man out there who is going to be attracted to her style, whatever it is. If she’s presenting herself as anyone other than who she really is, that’s false advertising and that’s going to backfire.”





And for more, there’s a pretty good book called “It Just Hasn’t Happened Yet: Bogus, Ridiculous, Absurd Explanations as to Why You’re Still Single and How to Deal With Them” by Karin Anderson