going it alone

by rantywoman

I have a lesbian friend who had a baby through artificial insemination at the age of 35.  She has irregular work hours, little savings, and is living in a city without any close friends or family.  Yet, she makes it work.  She got pregnant on her first try, the kid is adorable and healthy, and she is even trying for another one.

I confess, I couldn’t do it.  For one, my family would not be supportive, which is a biggie (this woman’s family is).  Two, I live in a city without close friends or family, and I personally would be terribly stressed out raising a child without that.  Three, the amount of money I saved last year would not even cover the cost of daycare.  The cost of a one-bedroom apartment in this pricey city is outrageous; I can’t imagine affording a two-bedroom.

Finally, and most important of all, I wanted to have a baby with a man I was in love with, not separate from that.