closet cleaning

by rantywoman

I’ve been holding on to some books I have on singleness, assuming someday I would have a like-minded friend to pass them on to.  I’m now thinking that day may not arrive again, so I’ve decided, on this beautiful day, to bike them over to a donation bin at a nearby library.  Before I do, I will pass some titles on here:

Outdated: Why Dating Is Ruining Your Love Life by Samhita Mukhopadhyay–  a good read about dating while feminist.

The Single Woman: A Discursive Investigation by Jill Reynolds– an academic exploration of the ways in which midlife single women perceive themselves…p. 4 “singleness for women continues to be remarkably resistant to losing an association with a discreditable identity.”

An Inconceivable Notion: Stories of Coping With Infertility and Childlessness by Justine Davies–p.34  “In the past few years a lot of people I know have started getting married, having kids (some friends are on their second or third child now), and nothing else comes close to making you feel like an enormous failure as when other people are procreating and you’re not.”

Longer bib to come…